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About Us

About Us

Words bring life to our dreams. They carry meaningful experiences and values. They help us express ourselves to the world. They give us the ability to connect and form bonds with one another. 

Wall art serves as a way to display those meaningful words that represent your unique personality and identity to the world. The power of even just a single word against a sea of negative space on a white wall in a home is something to behold.

It’s for reasons like these and more that we wanted to bring life into the pieces that you choose to display in your home.

As Jane and Lisa continues to grow, so has our brand vision and product offering. At the core of every Jane and Lisa art piece is our passion to create premium, meaningful wall art that you can proudly call your own.

We design wall art that adds purpose and beauty to your home and your life—unique art pieces that tell your story, that creates experiences, that remind you of who you are and your purpose in this world, no matter what you are going through. Our mission is to design and bring you wall art that truly matters to you.

Why wall art made with metal steel?

Because we wanted to make art that would be strong and stand the test of time just as your own values, family, and meaningful experiences do.

Why the name Jane & Lisa?

We originally chose this name for an online women’s jewelry store we were thinking about starting, but we found more meaningful appreciation for selling unique metal sign pieces that were unique or could be customized to any name or word of significance for our customers. 

A Note From the Founder


My name is David. I am 23 years old and I am the owner of Jane & Lisa. I created Jane and Lisa because I have always loved building stuff (back in my childhood, it was LEGOs) and wanted to build an online store where you can customize just about anything.

How did I get started?

After graduating college in LA and moving back to my hometown in Fresno, California.

Shortly after, I realized I wanted to do more with my life. I wanted to create. I wanted to breathe life into work that would bring joy and satisfaction into my life and other people’s lives as well.

When I was not working at my day job, I would spend time dabbling in some sort of side hustle or online business while learning everything I could.

Somewhere along the way, I stumbled across a piece of art at a home décor store. It was a wooden sign with an inspirational phrase on it.

From there, I decided to find a way to branch out and find a way to re-create that same feeling of inspiration for other people’s homes. And I wanted to so in a way that would allow anyone to customize or pick out pieces that they couldn’t readily find in a standard home décor or retail store.

I eventually found out how I could do that with metal cut-steel wall art while forming a strategic partnership with a specialized American-based metal manufacturer.

And now, I dedicate my free time outside my day job to spreading that same inspiration to your home too. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Me and my team would love to hear from you.